Download Panelalia 01

I’m delighted to announce that Issue 1 of Panelalia has been released as a PDF, featuring work by Zara Slattery, CF Sherratt, Nick Prolix, Emmet o’Cuana & Dan Gilmore, Myfanway Nixon, Gareth A Hopkins, Michael Hill, Allan Haverholm, Kaśka Gazdówna, Dave Crane, Mike Cooper, Peter Cline and Rebecca Bagley.

Previously only available as an Electricomic, there’s now 108 pages of (sometimes wildly) original comics available in a format that’s understood by most computers, tablets and phones.

Panelalia v01 is free to download (53MB approx). If you like it, then please donate to our nominated charity for issue 1 here

Quick Links – for all things Panelalia-related – quick link to the current issue – links to the donation page

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