Contribute to Panelalia 02

With Panelalia 01 out in the world, I’m looking to follow up with a second issue, highlighting interesting, innovative comics work by independent artists and writers.

Issue 2 will probably be out around Christmas time, although I’m more concerned with getting a diverse collection of quality work than I am in sticking to a hard deadline at this point.

We accept existing and published work, and excerpts from longer pieces (i.e. I’m happy to use Panelalia for an artist to promote an existing work by presenting part of it in te magazine, so that there’s an incentive for readers to buy your full work – so long, that is, that the excerpt is a satisfying read in it’s own right, and not just a cliff-hanger for the bigger work).

Any style, topic or genre will be considered. My own personal tastes will inevitably colour the final mix, and here’s a few pointers to them:

  • no excessive gore or sexual content. If it’s absolutely essential to the point you want to make, then go ahead and convince me, but I’m not interested in shock tactics
  • I like stuff that borrows from other media (film, TV, novels, poetry, paintings, theatre, dance, sculpture) rather than trying to recreate styles found in other comics
  • I like stuff that doesn’t require an encyclopaedic knowledge of geek culture to understand. If specialist knowledge of any kind is required in order to follow the story, then ease the reader in gently
  • Do something that’s never been done before. I’m a sucker for formalist experimentation, especially if it’s coupled with a serious point rather than navel gazing.

but please don’t try to make something that you think will tick these boxes. I’d prefer to see your own authentic voice, something of your creative journey.

As with issue 1, I’ll be distributing for free electronically, with a charitable donation option.

If you’re interested, please contact me here, or email editor at panelalia dot co dot uk


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