Panelalia Volume 1 released

The first issue of the first Electricomics all-in-one anthology is out, with 106 pages of utterly different, utterly marvellous comic strips. Available only on Electricomics, download your reader here (ipad) or here (laptop).

Once you’ve got the reader installed, then Panelalia can be downloaded by the reader from (If you’re on a computer, you can download it by clicking this link, then “import local content”. If you want to read it on an ipad, you’ll need to type that link into the app.)

Sneak taster of the first page of every strip, shrunk down a bit… Work by Gazdowna, Hopkins, Sherratt, Slattery, Cooper, Hill, Crane, Cline, Bagley, Nixon, o’Cuana & Gilmore, Prolix & Haverholm. What variety!

And if you enjoy it, please remember to give generously to Refugee Action.

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