Window Trails

After setting up my own Window Trail, I took a stroll round the lovely town of Kendal to see what else was already in place. Here’s my holiday snaps.

I’m excited to be part of this, and thanks to all the other participants for also taking part. Mounting my own exhibition’s fun, mounting it as part of something bigger is funnerer.

Farrer’s Tea & Coffee featuring Poblins by Jim Dog Art & Anthony Dixon

St. Patrick’s C E Primary School doing Oxfam

Andy Poyiadgi’s exhibition at Brew Brothers artisan cafe
Soutergate Gallery by RV Projects Group

Turning Point by Independence Studio feature recycling/fair trade superheroes 

Close-up of Soutergate

Brew bros. open late during festival for Tea-n-Poyiadgi connoisseurs

This is not part of the Window Trail, just standard window dec at an estate agents, but I’d like to do a comic that looks like this! (There’s some cut-out paper style stuff at my exhibition at YWCA, getting into that look.)

A cartoon fox at white Stuff, where Mike Medaglia will have his exhibition (don’t think it’s up yet?) Look out for that, it’s on sale for charity 

Iridium stationers, feat Gareth Hopkins’ original take on “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which he hasn’t read!

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