Installation of the Exhibition

Follow up to the Process post from a couple of days ago.

I’ve been in Kendal today, at the Foyer Cafe run by YWCA Kendal, installing my exhibition (twice! “Washable” glue-spots didn’t do the job, so I had to re-stick everything with “extra strong” after they started falling like little autumn leaves. The blobs are transparent, but just about visible from outside – special prize to the person who tells me which panel has the most blobs on it!)

Big thanks to Heather Lindsay, Resource Centre Manager at YWCA, for being available to let me in and help out. Also to Sandra from the festival Comic Art Trail, for dropping by and giving some good advice.

Phase 1 of the exhibition is now done. Phase 2 is in progress, and will be installed first thing Saturday morning before I go to improvise at Brewery Arts.

Bookmarks featuring work from the exhibition are on sale from the cafe, and the art/narratives will be collected into a book in time for the Festival weekend (and hopefully a bit sooner). All profits from these go to the YWCA Kendal.

Lot of glue spots harmed and swore at in the making of this exhibition!

I remember the day I came up with the idea of making a square with a lone panel in the centre – it’s Deeply Significant, folks

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