A Guide to Mindfulness in an Age of Change

I’m trying to get to grips with the full range of my thoughts and feelings about the current political climate of hate-based small-mindedness and fear-mongering. We are in a state of change, and not for the better.

I’m an artist, and something of an abstract formalist – an artists’ artist. I don’t want to become a political cartoonist, but there’s a real need to step up and make the case for kindness, humane-ness and cooperation right now (I’m not using left/right terminology, this is a conflict between love and fear. We’re out of the “normal”, whatever that was.)

Formalist art can often let itself down in being clever but having no real oomph. Maybe I can persuade myself that this is the way forward? Practising my technical ideas in the service of something I believe in.

Anyway, here it is. I’m quite pleased with it. Use of repetition to the point where it becomes meaningless and uncovers new meanings. Visual echoes e.g. the mountain and iceberg. (And both represent at least two things. Have you spotted them all yet?)

PS: The obscured faces at the bottom, these are some of the people really pulling the strings of the various sock-puppets and clowns depicted elsewhere in the strip. Riling Mr Trump about his small hands, weird hair and thin skinned verbal incontinence is fun in a letting-off-steam kind of way, but he’s not the real enemy, just a disposable barrage balloon being used to get some unpopular stuff through. Learn to recognise these others, there’s a good starting guide here.

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