Last Minute Electricomic Anthology : call for submissions

I’m going to be at LICAF (that’s the Lakes Interational Comic Art Festival, in Kendal, Cumbria) in three weeks time, with an exhibition, a workshop for grown-ups and KidsZone activities. The official Electricomics team will be there too, and I’ll be collecting a few of my unpublished strips into a small anthology delivered exclusively as an electricomic, just to generate a bit of extra buzz for the project. (If you don’t know what Electricomics is, go and have a look at their site, download their app and see what people are making using the tools. I think it’s an interesting and important part of the future for comics, and explain why here.)

from “What is Home?” phase 2

The anthology was going to be just a few random strips that I hadn’t done anything with yet, some stuff from the second phase of my What Is Home? exhibition, and work made at the Saturday afternoon workshop that I’m running. I’ll publish to the web on the Saturday night, after collating the stuff made in the afternoon workshop.

I’ve decided to open it up a bit. If you make comics with an indie flavour, strange charm, or just anything downright good, and fancy seeing it in electricomic form, then get in touch with me, and I’ll add it to the anthology. Connection to the Kendal festival would be nice, but by no means mandatory.

Just to be clear, this will be a free anthology – there’s no monetisation mechanisms in the electricomics system yet, so that’s not subject to change. I might try to link it to some charitable cause with a link to a justgiving page or similar at the end – “What is Home?” is supporting Kendal YWCA again this year, but that’s to be decided.

Anyway, all I’ll ask is for a non-exclusive right to publish your work in that specific electronic format as part of that specific collection. And it’ll be a straightforward “flipbook” style, tap to click to the next page, no fancy effects or infinite canvases or whatever (just down to constraints of time). Supply me with a PNG or JPEG of your work at high-ish resolution, and I’ll stitch them together. Everything will be fully credited. I like putting lengthy credits pages in my albums, just like those movie things you see at the cinema!.

from “What is Home?” phase 2

Thanks, Dave



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