Improvised “Acousticomic” at Bristol Makers Faire

I’ve spent the day at Bristol Mini Makers Faire, the greatest show-n-tell in the south west. Big thanks to Ruth, Beth and all for having me. I’ve been inviting people (adults and children) to modify an ongoing/evolving double-page spread comic collage made out of stuff. Something like my usual digital workflow but done with paper and card on a real desktop. The results were surprising and interesting – much more a piece of visual art than a narrative, but there are elements of story. Look out for the caterpillar to butterfly transformation, and the wedding proposal, for example.

I’ve dubbed it an “acousticomic” as a play on “electricomic” – the gradual transition between panels, unevenly across the page is similar to the effects in Lars Schwed Nygård’s Birds of Twilight Park, or Tzvi Liebermann’s  Imperium, for example. Moreso than in many traditional print comics, for sure.

There’s more to come – I did a workshop, out of which evolved a story of an infinite martian lunchbox, which I’m very excited to complete – but for now, enjoy the sequential chaos. And if you’re in town for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival in October, come along and join in. I’ll be doing something similar on the Saturday (kids zone in the morning, workshop with adults in the afternoon).

Footnote- about “scribblebots”. They’re little robots made from an inverted plastic cup with four felt pens for legs, and a little motor at the top. Take the lids off their feet and switch them on and they draw lovely random patterns on paper. Somebody was making them with kids at the fair, and the last few images use a scribble-bot generated backdrop that a passing customer/visitor kindly let me use.

2 thoughts on “Improvised “Acousticomic” at Bristol Makers Faire

  1. Lovely collaborative work, Dave! I like the way the words transmute with the images – from Spine to Spite, for instance, and the strange word combinations that also make a weird sense with the images near them – like ‘space ‘bribe’ with the shiny planet or sun!

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    1. Hi Louise,

      Thanks for the kind words, and good to hear from you again (you did one of the workshops with me in Settle, if I remember right?) Yes, I had great fun doing this, and also felt like I got quite close to the core of what comics are about in an odd sort of way, combining the words and the pictures in ways that almost but didn’t quite make sense! And letting anyone passing by do the same. Great fun.


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