Voices of the Other Day, "offset" copies

I made a mistake with the first run of my book “Voices of the Other Day”, which I was selling at Lakes International Comic Art Festival, and accidentally reprinted the cover inside. This had the effect of offsetting and breaking up a lot of the double-page spreads – something that I used a lot in that book, in the stories “Footnote in History”, “Lists of Unsolved Problems” and “What can we tell the trees?”.

If you bought one of these from me, email me at dave@sunwheeltech.com with a photo of yourself holding the book with the interior “cover” visible, and I’ll get a corrected copy out to you free of charge. If I gave you a freebie copy, email me and I’ll send you a corrected PDF for double-page appreciation moments!

The remaining “offset” copies are on sale in my store at cost price (that’s GBP3.00 plus postage), along with all my other books. Free laminated bookmarks with all orders while they last.

To whet your appetites, just look at these gorgeous designs, for example…

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