How to find Kendal YWCA – a mythical songline

To all seekers of my exhibition at Kendal this weekend, tread these steps from the Brewery Arts Centre, which is centre of all things Comic Art Festival-y (apart from those that are not).

Note, when using the photos as a guide, remember that buildings make better landmarks than people or pigeons do – as the latter may have moved since the photo was taken!

Stride forth from Brewery turning left/north-ish/uphill


This building was cursed for centuries with not being called “The Clock Tower”, simply “The Town Hall”. Ask a local where the Clock Tower doth lie, and they will pull a Face of Bemusement at you. Many riches lie within, purveyed by Sir Stephen of Holland and others, but pass it by for now if partaking of this quest.


Pass the Glazed Arbor of Unknown Significance on your left


And this soldier chap, who isn’t very talkative. (Head down this street if pursuing Mike Medaglia, Gareth Hopkins, the Postcards, and several others…


If you approach this Unruly Boar, you’ve gone too far. Turn right immediately,…


…and scurry down this narrow pass before he gores you!


Emerge into a most pleasing vale, wherein a tree ringed once by a Bench of Restfulness sits.


Pass through the gate, though the way is neither straight nor particularly narrow


Step across the back of the Would-be-a-rainbow-serpent-if-rainbows-were-black-white-and-yellow


Pass a Tall Tree (that doesn’t go “Ni”)


go down this road (sorry, I’m running out of steam now…)


Behind this hedge lies a semi-circular crossword-comic hybrid of wonders!


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