Help! Handmines!

Nice to see Doctor Who back – and I did enjoy the “Abbey Road” Beatles album cover reference here. I don’t suppose Clara Oswald is dead (or Missy, or UNIT’s Osgood, who is back in this series, probably next episode) – there’s the Dalek Asylum’s Oswin Osgood, references to the “prettier sister” etc. etc. to tie together first. (Hmm, hadn’t spotted it before – Clara became a Dalek at one point, and Danny ended up – so far – as a Cyberman. Given the un-tied-up bit about his Astronaut descendant from last series, I bet fifty shiny pennies he’ll turn up somewhere too.)

I’m probably wrong about all of the above. Ah, logic…

Anyway, in the spirit of Beatles homages, here’s another of their icon album covers mashed up with a bit of Whovian goodness. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is fan fiction digital art, based on stills from the BBC TV series “Doctor Who”, and the album “Help” by the Beatles, Parlophone Records. Copyright the respective copyright holders, I’m just expressing my enjoyment of these English cultural icons by posting this here.

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