Improvised Comic Update : 1 month in

It was a month ago yesterday that a gang of intrepid theatricals, assorted talented photographers and members of the public met up during Kendal’s Comic Art Festival, to take photos and videos of one another, engage in various pointless activities and consume some utterly fine cake (and fish & chips!).

There’s relatively little finished art at the moment, I’ve been mostly working on the script, and now have a good overall pattern, with quite a few of the details for the first third filled in. In the run-up to the festival, I’d been throwing new “possible” ideas into the pot on an almost daily basis, and since then, I’ve been having to cut things out in order to get some sort of a controlled narrative that holds together as a story. It’s an interesting process, but not the most exciting one to share.
To whet your appetities, here’s a few key storylines that are emerging at present:
  • A blind composer describes how he used to be able to “read” people until he betrayed his country, and himself
  • A young woman is looking for her imaginary childhood friend, who she lost as a child when her family were forcibly relocated
  • A being who may have created the universe explains why trying to record everything in a book would be a bad idea
  • A man is pleading for forgiveness for something he did, or didn’t do, but we can only hear one half of the conversation

I have pretty much completed the first two pages of an introductory sequence of 5-6 pages, and will post something when the full sequence is done, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. (I expect to be turning out much more than two pages a month, there’s been a lot of “invisible” foundation laying going on these last few weeks!)
And here are a few (pre-digitally-remastered) photos of something happening…

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