Tea Bag Ceremony

Another exercise using the curated selection of images from free stock image service unsplash.com, which they email out every ten days. Howto weave these random (and rather good) images into a narrative, given that our brains are hardwired to look for narrative in any sequence of images.




I felt lucky to get a couple of people in this week’s selection, and, even better, more than one image of each of them. Just to be clear, the insults on p.4 are an ironical reflection on the calm voice of the narrator, nothing to do with the models!!

There’s a seductive sense of authority to the “documentary” narrative voice, even when it’s talking gibberish. One mis-step can make the presence of the voice jump back into the foreground.

Image Credits: Paula Vermeulen Noe Araujo Jan Erik Caroline Gutman mr.lee Jake Givens

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