Some of the things we might be getting up to with attendees at LICAF on 18th October. We’re still playing with ideas, so no promises!!


Solo Interview
Ask someone to give directions – to a nearby landmark if they’re local, how they got to Kendal if they’re visiting, their journey to work, etc. a simple way to capture gesticulations and body language


Solo Interview
Present the interviewee with a menu, consisting of:
  • meaningful/zen story (Rumi, Nasruddin, etc.)
  • joke (3 little pigs, “wide mouth frog”, anything long and repetitive)
  • moving poem (WW1 war poetry)
They get to pick one of the three, and will be recorded listening to the chosen item. Variations include the narrator being of-camera, with us just recording the listener, or recording the narrator (in costume?) too, or a third character (death, a mouse, whatever else?) interrupting or simply observing them.

How Things Work

Solo or pairs

Hand the interviewee a common object, such as a camera, egg-whisk, a child’s toy, and ask them to explain how it works, either to the camera, or to a partner (another member of public or an actor). Or explain the relative movements of the sun, earth and moon, using tennis balls, footballs or balloons. (If balloons, could we also film people blowing them up? Interesting visual angle on the creation of the world/universe.)

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