I woke up one morning, a few month back, and thought “wouldn’t it be a cool idea to take a camera up to the Lakes Comic Art Festival, video a few people in conversation, and use stills taken from the video to put together some comic strips, loosely based on the things that we’d talked about”.

I’m sure you’ve all done the same – but foolishly, I forgot about the bit where I lie down until the urge goes away, and one theatre company, a photographer, and several wild-eyed conversations later, we’re set to take the town by storm on Saturday 18th and go on to create a comic strip (or “graphic novel”, if I’m feeling posh!) unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Unlike some hardy souls, I won’t be creating the whole thing on the day, but I’ll be blogging the process as I go along, right here, so sign up for email updates, or visit me on twitter if you want to watch it all happen.

Vive la (whatever the French is for doing something crazy and expansive that one ought to know better about!)

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