Stars (a kata)

 Kata: “By practicing in a repetitive manner the learner develops the ability to execute those techniques and movements in a natural, reflex-like manner. Systematic practice does not mean permanently rigid. The goal is to internalize the movements and techniques of a kata so they can be executed and adapted under different circumstances, without thought or hesitation. A novice’s actions will look uneven and difficult, while a master’s appear simple and smooth.” 

– definition from wikipedia of course

My kata tonight:
– take ten photos (in this case from my own collection)
– assemble without much selection beyond an instinctive notion of what “goes together”
– add words in a way that ties them together and brings out double meanings in the imagery
The aim is to practise the form and mechanics of comics rather than to say anything really deep

What worked?
– repetition of colour and layout to top & tail it
– “prepared” has a double meaning
– silent panel on p3
– repeated horses, nests, circles

What worked for you?

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