Press Release : Free, charity-fundraising Art Comics Magazine “Panelalia” released

Issue 1 of Panelalia, an online magazine collection of innovative and interesting comic strips, has been released. Panelalia is made available for free online, with a donation page set up to support the UK-based charity Refugee Action.

Each issue will be associated with a specific charity, which readers are invited to donate to. Hence, the purpose of the magazine is two-fold:

  • to promote independent, original voices in comics
  • to raise money for charities that are doing important work in the world

Issue 1 of Panelalia features over 100 pages of work by artists from the UK, Poland, Sweden & Australia, covering a range of styles, media and topics from slice-of-life, historical, fantasy/SF, to entirely abstract. The stories are not exclusively political, nor focused on the work done by the supported charity.

Artists featured in issue 1 are Rebecca Bagley, Peter Cline, Mike Cooper, Dave Crane, Kaśka Gazdówna, Allan Haverholm, Michael Hill, Gareth A Hopkins, Myfanwy Nixon, Emmet o’Cuana & Dan Gilmore, Nick Prolix, CF Sherratt and Zara Slattery.

Issue 1 of Panelalia supports Refugee Action, a UK-based charity who campaign on behalf of, and offer practical support to, refugees resettled in the UK.

Panelalia is edited and produced by Dave Crane, an independent UK-based comics creator, writer and artist.

Issue 2 of Panelalia is expected to be ready in December 2017. Submissions are actively being sought by up-and-coming creators.

More information about Panelalia can be found at, and issue 1 can be downloaded at Donations can be made to More information about Refugee Action can be found at Dave Crane can be contacted by email at


Stroud, Gloucestershire UK

July 2017