Lines of Enquiry

We are four creators of comics, all working with experimental/formalist concerns in our comics – in very different ways. We have banded together to promote one another’s work.

Engagements 2016

Comica Comiket, London  14 May 2016

Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Kendal  14-16 October 2016

Dave Crane

Dave (based in Stroud, UK) creates improvised comics, and has worked with theatre companies, charities and the general public to explore different ways of telling stories using comics. His work combines traditional drawing/painting, live models, puppets, and anything else he can get his hands on.

Allan Haverholm

Allan is a commercial and graphic artist and teacher living in Malmö, Sweden. Alumnus of the Malmö School of Comics Art, co-founder of the Danish comics association, and long time member of the art comics collective C’est Bon Kultur. Whittling away at sequential narrative from his 2006 graphic novel debut, via musical expressions in comics onto the minimal, observational sketchbook work that now comprises his main efforts, he feels he has cut to the bone of comics and is now going for the marrow.

Gareth Hopkins

Gareth is an artist/illustrator based in Essex. He’s been working on his comic project ‘The Intercorstal’ in one form or another since 2009 – at the moment the bulk of the pages are abstracted versions of classic or personally significant comic pages.

Simon Russell

Freelance illustrator/designer, father of boys and feeder of cats from Brighton who has been making work on the periphery of comics for more than three decades. He’ll chat for hours about the history of the artform,  his own work, his involvement at The Cartoon Museum in London or working on the comics anthology