The King’s Dream

A quick composition from some photos I was taking this weekend for a piece of “sequential bric-a-brac”, demonstrating that comics can be made out of pretty much anything. What does it all mean? There’s definitely a narrative flow, isn’t there?

I’ll be running events to create stuff like this at Settle Storytelling Festival, and the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, see the events page for details.


2 thoughts on “The King’s Dream

  1. Such a fun composition! Yes, it does have a wonderful narrative quality. For some reason it has started the “Hey Didddle Diddle, The Cat And The Fiddle” rhyme playing in my head! It does look as if the dish has run away with the spoon since both appear to be missing from the gathering! The peculiar workings of my imagination are adding my own narrative onto yours! 🙂


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